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There are several characters who suffer in the hands of the blunt Nasilian culture. Resian is slapped by her father for refusing to marry Oloisudori. After this, she undergoes a series of mental and physical suffering. She suffers as she is transported to the assumed Minik's Sheep ranch by Olarinkoi. At night during the journey, she fears attack of wild animals. She also had "...a layer of dust in her mouth, in her nostrils, in her ears and on her eyelashes" (p.215).

She suffers in the hands of Olarinkoi and his mother. She is physically assaulted by Olarinkoi until she passes out after which he proceeds to rape her. After the sexual assault, she falls sick and has hallucinations. We are told that when "...she later came to, confused fleeting impressions registered on her awareness" (p.223).

Taiyo also suffers the blunt of archaic retrogressive Nasilian culture. She is forced against her will to undergo FGM. During the painful rite, we are told "She screamed and screamed, but nobody came to her rescue. Then she fainted. When she came to, two days later, she was sore, bitter and angry" (p.273).

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