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Male chauvinism refers to the feeling of superiority by men and their domineering attitude over women in the society as a result of general male domination or patriarchy in a given society. Ole Kaelo is a male chauvinist. He beats his wife to submission to coerce her follow his decisions without any resistance. When his wife reasons that they should think of the family interests first with regard to adhering to Nasila culture, he irritably asks her, "What do you mean?" (p.61).

When she realizes that he is getting angry, she beats a hasty retreat saying, "Our culture is everything and it rules our lives" (p.61). Although Mama Milanoi realizes when it is too late the role Oloisudori has played in shaping their material lives, she admits that she would not have helped to separate him from such a man because it "...Was the man who made decisions as to which direction their lives took" (p.114).

According to Resian, the ancient Ilarinkon were no different from the current ones. She is of the view that the current Ilarinkon are worse and that they are despotic oppressive tyrants who oppress women by ensuring that they are subjected to FGM for ever (p.91). The current Ilarinkon include Ole Kaelo, Oloisudori and Olarinkoi. Ole Kaelo forces Resian to attend to and serve his friend Oloisudori when her mother says nothing about it. He orders: "You have to be is important to me that you are there" (p.171). Olarinkoi's chauvinism is seen in his changed attitude towards Resian when he takes her to his house far from Nasila. He tells her, "You woman...You can either cook or keep standing stupidly or die of hunger...and Resian stared " the man who seemed to have suddenly turned from a person she had known for quite some time, to a beast" (p.218). He later molests her sexually after returning drunk. Oloisudori is a male chauvinist. This is seen in his address to Resian when she refuses his marriage offer. He tells her "You can never escape Resian...Whether you scream your heart out, or jump into the deep are mine. You are my wife from now henceforth" (p.204). He arrogantly tells her: No one plays games with Oloisudori. Ask your father, he will tell you" (p.204). (add more illustrations).

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