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The overcoming of difficult situations by some characters would not be possible without help and benevolence from other characters. Some of these incidents of help and benevolence, though coincidental, are very important in not only shaping characters' lives but also in shaping the novel's plot. When Taiyo and Resian are about to be assaulted sexually by two men, we are told, "Suddenly and unexpectedly, a third man sprang out of the bushes like a ghost" (p.141). This man is Olarinkoi and he is the one that saves them by fighting the two men. The girls cannot imagine what would have happened to them if he had not come at that moment (p.142-143). Later, it is the same Olarinkoi who saves Resian from Oloisudori's men. His appearance is timely because Resian has even been contemplating to commit suicide by jumping into a river (p.210).

Resian is nursed by Nabaru, a motherly woman after her sexual abuse by Olarinkoi (p224). "At times she held her up, giving her drinks of water, or milk, or feeding her; putting bits of olpurda dipped in honey into her mouth..." (p.224). Nabaru also promises to help Resian in whatever her plans are: " I am willing to help you to do what you intend to do or go where you want to go once you are back onto your feet" (p.233). She keeps her word by coming to rescue Resian when Olarinkoi's mother is just about to attack and have her circumcised (p.246).

Further, Taiyo and Resian get help from Minik when she promises to have her enrolled at Egerton University (p.264). She keeps her promise when she gives the two girls letters of admission to the university. Resian also qualifies for a scholarship from the ranch which is managed by Minik to fund her education. She in addition gives her a job in the ranch, an advance salary, as well as a fully furnished house. Resian is sincerely appreciative of Minik's benevolence, saying, "Your voice dear Emakererei is truly the voice of God" (p.265). Taiyo is rescued from the hands of her circumcisers by Minik. Both Nabaru and Minik are very instrumental in the physical and psychological healing of the two girls. We are told that with Nabaru's nursing care, Minik's encouragement and counseling sessions from a teacher from Intapuka-e-Maa school, Taiyo is able to fully recover (p.276).

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