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Oloisudori's cruel demand, to marry Resian and organize the marriage of Taiyo renders Kaelo and Mama Milanoi a sleepless night. Although Kaelo knew Oloisudori's past criminal record, he still falls for his trap due to greed for wealth. Oloisudori's initial plan was to extort money from Kaelo but on noticing his two beautiful daughters he changed his mind.

Mama Milanoi suffers great pain and cries for the olden days when demands such as those of Oloisudori would be dealt with accordingly. Mama Milanoi recalls through flashback how women had invoked mass action on men in the past by  depriving men food, milk and beating them up while naked.

She contrasts those times with the current times when Nasila River is polluted with chemicals. She fears that Oloisudori may kill her daughter. Despite the hard times the Kaelo's are experiencing, the following morning, the members manage to afford smiles as they take tea. Even the entrance of Olarinkoi does not dampen the high spirits embraced by the Kaelo's.

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