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Ole Kaelo ushers his family into the newly constructed house. The Kaelo's are elated by the new house. In a flashback Mama Milanoi remembers how she was married by Kaelo while she was eighteen and Kaelo twenty four years old.

The couple has enjoyed peace generally since then but since she does not have a son, Mama Milanoi feels she has failed Kaelo. In a dialogue, we learn that Taiyo and Resian are afraid of undergoing the act and wish to go back to Nakuru and join university.

In a dramatic irony we realize that Kaelo has been hard and cruel to Resian for he expected a son to be born in her place. Although Taiyo does not understand the cause of the hatred, she always defends her sister devotedly even when her mother does not offer any protection. Probably Mama Milano is afraid of ole Kaelo.

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