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Minik calls for Taiyo and Resian later in August that year. She discloses that the contents of the two envelopes she has are about their admission in Egerton University. The girls are elated by the news. Minik organizes a farewell party for the girls. She invites many workers and girls to come and celebrate with the girls.

The girls from Intapuka-e-Maa sing a song that seeks to empower and energize them in their resistance of outdated cultural practices. In the song, they condemn F.G.M and envision themselves as great professionals just like men in the nation. As they sing, Oloisudori comes in a convoy of vehicles to demand to be given either Resian or Taiyo arguing that he has already paid enough to have them both. Minik tells him to leave the place for he would have none of the girls.

Oloisudori starts insulting Minik calling her a spinster who lost a chance to get married and now masquerades as an FGM crusader. Oloisudori orders his men to take Resian by force and a vicious fight ensues between the ranch's workers and Oloisudori's men. Oloisudori's convoy is burnt to the ground and he and his men ran for their lives after a thorough clobbering.

On 5th September the following day, Resian and Taiyo are full of happy sensation as they climb the four wheel drive vehicle belonging to Minik to go to Egerton University, their Nirvana. They think of ways to repay Minik for her kindness but all in all agree that it is well that ends well.

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