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On her fifth day in the ranch one mid-morning, a vehicle that Minik had sent on a rescue mission comes in the ranch. Minik goes to see the girl's condition and later sends for Resian. Resian is gripped by anxiety and apprehension on finding Minik angry. Minik is angry at the new culture brought by wealth where men would like young girls and forcefully circumcise them hence lowering their esteem. She narrates the case about the girl.

She tells Resian the girl's rescue was not easy for the home where she was circumcised was heavily guarded and after luring the guards, they were able to rescue her but unfortunately, the man who assisted in rescuing the girl was speared to death by the thugs. She tells Resian that the rescued girl was her sister and the killed man was Joseph Parmuat a teacher.

Through recollections, Taiyo remembers how her mother lured her to accompany three women promising they would take her to Resian. When they got to Esoit village she was abandoned in a smoky hut and in the morning was forcefully circumcised. After that she went through several hallucinations. Resian goes to her room and the sisters hug and kiss passionately. The reunion of the two girls is very emotional. Taiyo slowly recovers with the help of Minik, nursing care of Nabaru and counseling by a teacher.

Taiyo fully recovers, she and her sister discuss their dark past events. They blame their mother for accepting to agree to everything their father said. They vow not to be subservient to their male counterparts. They also blame women for the perpetuation of F.G.M arguing that if all women said no to the practice, men would do nothing about it. As the chapter comes to a close, Taiyo is advised to accept what has happened to her and move on. She is also advised to ensure in future her children do not go through a similar experience. The three ladies agree that if they stand by their position the primitive culture would end.

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