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Resian has a life full of torment at Olarinkoi's home from insects, reptiles as well as  from the old enkoiboni. The Enkoiboni has a lot of bitterness directed to the well – to – do in the society such as Oloisudori. Nabaru informs Resian she is under a lot of pressure from Enkoiboni to have her recover so that she can undergo the initiation ritual. Resian pleads with her to take her to Emakererei's ranch which Nabaru agrees to.

When her health improves a little bit, Resian starts venturing out of the homestead. She keeps the company of some two young women who were married early. Olarinkoi re- appears after disappearing for several days and tries to ask for forgiveness from Resian and even assures her that he would never molest her sexually again. He discloses that they plan to have her circumcised in two days' time so that he can marry her. After the revelation, Resian realizes that her only hope is in Nabaru.

She waits for her eagerly but does not come that evening. She has a dream in which she fights the enkamuratani who wants to circumcise her, enkoiboni and when she is about to attack Nabaru, her dream is cut short by somebody calling out her name. Resian at first is unable to stand to open the door for Nabaru but after great effort, she reaches the door and opens it before collapsing. Nabaru administers some medicine through her mouth and she regains consciousness.

The two women escape from the advancing enkoiboni, Olarinkoi and the enkamuratani. As they walk to the main road to board a lorry, they experience a big challenge, the heavy rain. Olarinkoi catches up with them as the lorry is about to leave, exchanges assaulting words with the two women before leaving him standing in the rain.

Finally, they reach the sheep ranch were Minik ene Nkoitoi is the manager, and the place where she so longed to go. Resian is very grateful for Nabaru's sacrifices to save her from Olarinkoi saying that only God could repay her for her love and kindness. Three motorbikes catch up with them as they wait for their lorry to cool down. One of the  riders is Minik who also recognizes Resian having seen her picture in the papers which advertised her disappearance and promised a big reward to whoever would find her. Minik orders the driver to take her to the farm so that they can talk more. Resian is now towards the end of a torturous journey; homestretch as the lorry heads to the station.

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