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After a sugarless breakfast served by a kind-hearted old woman, Resian and Olarinkoi gets into a pick up to start their journey to Minik's ranch. The old woman gives Resian a leso and a blanket to cover herself with. At the beginning, she is very optimistic and happy that finally her salvation has come.

Later the hot weather and the bumpy ride makes the journey very uncomfortable while dust, flies, mosquitoes and the fear of wild animals haunt along the way. On the way, Olarinkoi is aloof, he does not communicate with Resian, but this does not bother her for her focus is to reach the ranch and meet Minik her mentor.

The pick- up stops outside a mud plastered house with a rusty tin roof and Olarinkoi orders her to alight. He orders her to follow her into the desolate house which has two rooms Olarinkoi brings several foodstuffs he had brought with him in the pick-up, rudely gives Resian several instructions on how to cook a meal and leaves in a huff. Soon, she falls asleep and dreams where she meets Minik who promises to enroll her as a student at Egerton University and protect her from F.G.M.

Her dream is interrupted by a loud bang on the door by Olarinkoi. He reprimands her for not cooking food and tells her she is his wife. He proceeds to take her by force and a struggle ensues. Resian bites his thumb and in defense, he hits her on the ribcage making her pass out before proceeding to rape her.

When consciousness returns, Resian realizes she was in a bed covered with bloody rags and naked. She begins to have recollection of what happened but cannot go beyond biting Olarinkoi's thumb. She faints again and sees alternating images of both Olarinkoi and Oloisudori. When she regains consciousness, she notices another woman who she had been seeing in her hallucinations in the room. The woman is called Nabaru and is the nurse that has been treating her.

One evening after she is able to walk on her feet, Olarinkoi's mother comes and admonishes her for biting her son's thumb and abuses her for being uncircumcised. She reveals that she intends to have her circumcised after recovering and that she and Olarinkoi would go to Tanzania to start their marriage.

The nurse comes when she is deep in thoughts and tells her that Olarinkoi's mother is an enkoiboni, a prophet and had prophesied that her son would bring one of Ole Kaelo's daughter home, circumcise her and make her his wife. The nurse tells her she has admired her courage and is ready to help her out in whatever plans she has. The news gives Resian a new surge of hope.

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