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Oloisudori changes his plans of coming for Resian in two weeks' time and declares he would do so the following day. He would be accompanied by his three friends and  wants Resian to cook for them. Ole Kaelo asks Resian to remain at home and cook for them instead of going to help plaster the kitchen of Teiyo Kiti with Taiyo as they had planned.

She is not comfortable with the idea saying she fears Oloisudori and that he is like a monster. Her father hears none of her protestation. Resian seeks refuge in the garden. She wonders why she has been chosen and not Taiyo. She finds injustice in the way her father treated her unlike her sister Taiyo. Taiyo sympathizes with her situation.

She knows her father biasness in treating his daughters. She thinks that the current demand from his father would make him hate her more. She blames the new culture that her father has immersed himself into as the cause of all her problems. Traditionally, a girl was shielded from men and it was rare for a girl to interact with men. Finally, Resian agrees to cook for the visitors after Taiyo is allowed to do it with her.

Oloisudori arrives in a procession of four wheel drive vehicles. He is immaculately dressed and so is his three friends. Taiyo starts sensing that he could be targeting her sister Resian. He gives each of the family members generous gifts including a briefcase to their father. Later after leaving, Taiyo talks to her father to get more information about Oloisudori and his mission in their home but he reveals little. After failing, she plans to ask him to enroll them at Egerton but she does not succeed. Ole Kaelo calls for his daughter Resian. He talks to her pleasantly and tells her he has good news for her. Resian misinterprets this thinking it's about being enrolled at the university. Finding that they are on different pages, he dismisses her and calls for her mother.

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