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Ole Kaelo hits the road angry and bitter and complaining to all he meets about the beastly attack on his daughter. He goes to the school where Joseph teaches and explains the events heading to his anger. Joseph parades all pupils, and sends boys from the Ilmolelian clan to go and call their elder brothers and fathers to an urgent meeting at Oerata plain.

The search party narrows down on Lante son of Kanyira of Ilukumae clan and Ntara son of Muyo, also of Ilukumae clan as the culprits. They decide to embark on a revenge mission to prevent further provocation from the Illukumae clan. The retaliation is done by the young and old men from Iimolelian clan and the sympathizers from Limakesen clan.

The search party comes across the two culprits who ran and fall under the feet of two old men begging for mercy. According to Nasila culture, a man is spared of any crime if he hides his head between the legs of an old man. Nevertheless, they are clobbered, slapped and kicked by Kaelo and his men. It is realized after interrogation that one of the offenders was related to Taiyo and Resian for he was son of Mama Milanoi's sisters.

A cleansing ceremony is planned and Ole Kaelo is compensated for the trauma he underwent. Ntara Muyo gives Taiyo and Resian each a heifer to remove the shame he caused them. Lante pays two heifers.

Ole Kaelo continue to have mixed feelings about Oloisudori's plan to marry his daughter. He consoles himself that Oloisudori is not an ordinary man. And that his business success depended on him. Thus reasoning, he decides to go along with Oloisudori's plan. He also dismisses negative rumours about Oloisudori assuring himself that his daughter was lucky to get such a man. Meanwhile, the girls' visit to the uncle's home has greatly changed their outlook on life. It reduces their overreliance on their parents. They are finally happy that they are getting acceptance in the highly traditional community.

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