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Taiyo and Resian wait for their parent's return to tell them of the near rape ordeal as they were coming from their shop at Nasila. Ole Kaelo is very agitated on hearing that his daughters were assaulted with the aim of being raped.  Their father storms out of  the house while their mother asks them to go to Simiren's house to have a change of environment.

The girls are heartily welcomed at their uncle's home and that enables them to settle very fast. They get used to the communal and polygamous running of affairs at their uncle's home. They learn very many aspects of Nasila culture, both negative and positive. They are told more about Minik ene Nkoitoi, the Emakererei and their role model by one of Simiren's wives. They are told that she went to Makerere University where she studied veterinary medicine. They admire her opposition of negative Nasila culture and say they would like to be like her.

Through flashback, it is revealed that Resian's interest in vet medicine began when she and Taiyo accompanied their father to agricultural show in Nakuru and since then, she has admired the profession. Taiyo plans to compose a song with the help of Joseph Parmuat praising Minik and ridiculing three women who still clung on retrogressive Nasilian culture. Later, they are asked to return home by their parents. A party, which their parents also attend, is held for them after which they return home.

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