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The physical appearance of the two sisters and their mother is symbolically expressed, "Taiyo and Resian both head and shoulder taller than their mother, stood on" (p.11).The height of the two girls is physically compared to that of their mother. The height could be interpreted in terms of their contribution to female emancipation. The deeper meaning is that Resian and Taiyo's role in fighting gender inequality is greater than that of their mother.

At the time of the planned circumcision of Resian, the sun is described, "it's sad yellow light ... discordant howls of hyenas..." (p.243). These symbols reinforces the mood. Also, as Nabaru and Resian leave the desolate village, there is a heavy downpour. The rain symbolizes hope in future. (p.248). At the ranch, Resian is led to a house with a soothingly cool carpet which cools her tired and thorn pricked feet (p.260). This symbol assures the comfortable life the future holds for Resian.

The conspicuous departure for Egerton University by Resian, Taiyo and Minik is symbolic. (p.246). They leave behind Oloisudori's burnt vehicles. It symbolizes their victory over Oloisudori's army, patriarchy, FGM and stereotype.

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