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Language and Style

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It is a novelistic style in which the writer presents the actual conversation between characters. It brings a break from prose and therefore breaks monotony on the part of the reader. Taiyo and Resian converse about their new residence (p.3). The dialogue shows their mixed attitudes towards Nasila. Resian is afraid of the new home. She fears that the new shop may not pick something which may make the family needy in the future. However, Taiyo encourages her to have faith.

While taking a walk around Simiren's compound, Taiyo and Resian converse on the apprehension and rivalry among the four houses. This exposes the enmity in a polygamous marriage. The dialogue between Joseph and Ole Kaelo serves to warn Taiyo and Joseph against having any love relationship (p.70).

The heated conversation between yeiyo-Botorr, mama Milanoi, Taiyo and Resian on p.77 reveals Resian's assertiveness and daring character. It also shows yeiyo-botorr as conservative. The dialogue between Taiyo, Resian and yeiyo-Kiti gives the girls more information about Minik Nkoitoi and adds curiosity on the part of the girls to see her in the future (p.151).

On the other hand, the heated dialogue between Kaelo and Resian (p. 210, 211) brings out Kaelo's character as mean and abusive while it portrays Resian as sentimental. Lastly, the conversation between Resian, Taiyo and Minik on (p. 280) in Minik's office brings out the manager's character as courteous.

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