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Language and Style

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It is a style which employs direct comparison of two things without using "" "like" etc. with an aim of forming a mental picture in the reader's mind. Ole Sumpeyo terms Oloisudori as a randy he goat so as to show the height of his sexual immorality. He warns Kaelo to keep off his daughters. (p.26). Ole Musanka describes Kaelo as a tiny strand of hair that has been blown away from its owner's head by a gust of wind. (p.51).

This shows that Kaelo is part of Maa culture and is owned by the Maa culture." (p.51). It also brings out the wise character of Ole Musanka. To express her contempt and annoyance, Resian describes Oloisudori, "what an ill-mannered devil this man is." (p.93). After the heinous act by Olarinkoi on Resian, rape, the sun is described as a bowl of red (p.226).

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