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They are short statements laden with a deep meaning. They are mostly used by the elderly people as a measure of wisdom and experience. Ole Kaelo on p.25 says, "The man with the meat was the same man with the knife." This signifies that for him to get contracts, he must work with the corrupt Oloisudori. On p.25 Ole Musanka quips, "When an old rat begins to smell, it returns to its mother's home" (p.52). Meaning that Kaelo is old and had to return to Maa culture as well as home for a sense of belonging.

What the superstitious Yeiyoo Botorr says to mama Milanoi about Resian is in form of a proverb, "To hide a boil that is under the armpit is unwise" (p.78). Meaning the girl's condition of intoiye nemengalana is vicious and will soon burst. While encouraging Resian to escape to the ranch Olarinkoi says, "Home is never far for one who is still alive" (p.211).

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