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Language and Style

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Rhetorical Questions

It is a stylistic device which employs questions which do not necessarily require answers but are aimed at stimulating critical thinking. To show that Kaelo is going through a hard reflective moment, he asks, "Was not everybody doing business with him? Was he really that bad? Was it the usual business rivalry and envy? (Oloisudori) (p.27). These questions show the dilemma in which Kaelo is in. Mama Milanoi wonders what they stand for as a family.

Are they traditionalists or modernists? (p.62). This shows her dilemma towards F.G.M and her daughters. Resian asks, "Was there a curse for being born a woman?" (p.205). She rhetorically asks, "Was it jealousy consuming her? (p.49). This is about the growing love between Taiyo and Joseph. Nabaru argues on page 277, "if the Enkamuratani threw away the olmurunya and refused to wield it again, what would happen?" it is a call for women's awakening to rise to the occasion and fight F.G.M.

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