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Vivid Description

The writer uses words to paint clear mental images on the readers' mind. This enables the audience to understand the text better. As the Kaelo's are preparing to depart from Nakuru for Nasila the scenery is vividly described. "He was gesticulating violently, apparently reprimanding loaders for being slow and inept (p.1). This description points out clearly the character of Kaelo as stern. The welcoming ceremony of the Kaelo's family by uncle Simiren's family is vividly described "Chunks of meat went round...selected a piece from the tray" (p.12).

The description helps in showing the generous nature of Kaelo as well as his meticulous planning abilities. Life at Nasila is vividly described "the intermittent crowing of roosters... a rare atmosphere of tranquility and serenity..." (p.14). The description is used to contrast the peaceful mood of the rural Nasila and the urban town of Nakuru that is characterized by hustles and bustles.

Simiren's polygamous setting is described vividly "Three main houses stood within a well-tended and a evenly trimmed kei apple perimeter hedge... (p.14). "The sixteen or so children aged between three and sixteen were perched on benches, stools and chairs" (p.16). This description shows high birthrate in the family. It also paints a polygamous family in Nasila. The vivid description of Ole Supeyo (p.23), "he lifted a corner of his shirt and scratched his belly while his other hand stroked the stubble on his chin..." shows his wealthy status in the society.

Oloisudori is described in uncomplimentary terms "wide eyes....looking like a warthog" (p.92). The description signals Oloisudori's mean character and the readers can even form a picture of a criminal before much is disclosed to them. There is a vivid description of how women in the past dealt with an old man who sexually mistreated a young girl (p.117). Taiyo's bold visit to Joseph's bachelor house is vividly described (p. 130). It shows the feelings of the two lovers who are restrained by culture. The attack of the two girls by two men in which Olarinkoi saves them is vividly described. "He sprang like a ghost" (p.141). This shows the risk the girls are going though in the hostile Nasila environment.

The search conducted by thirty men with Kaelo and Joseph is vividly described to show the urgency of getting the girls' molesters (p161). The resigned Resian is vividly described after she is required to serve Oloisudori and his group (p.172). "She walked to an oloponi tree at the centre of the garden. Finding a log underneath it, she sank down...her shoulders drooping..." It shows Oloisudori's insensitive character. The journey by Oloisudori and the couple is vividly described (p. 190,191). It shows Oloisudori's cunning and scheming character. The journey by Resian, Olarinkoi and the pick-up driver is vividly described to show the ill manners of the two young men (p. 212, 213). The escape by Resian and Nabaru is also vividly described to show the risk involved by the two females with strong character (p. 247).

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