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1. Read the following excerpt and answer the questions that follow

However, the notion that he was about to hand over his own daughter to a gangster
continued to gnaw at the conscience of Ole Kaelo relentlessly. He felt guilty, especially when he recalled the atrocities that were known to have been committed by Oloisudori over the years. But another voice told him quietly that he was being foolish and unreasonable to question his own conscience over the matter of Oloisudori, for he was just one among many who were enjoying the fruits of their labour. And it was hardly anybody's business to know how honest that labour was. After all, the small voice reassured him tauntingly, those who committed bigger crimes such as Goldenberg and Anglo-leasing, were still enjoying the 'fruits of their labour.' Had they not invested the yields of their ill-gotten money in housing estates, in shares, in import and exports in tourism, in transport and in other trades, just as Oloisudori had done?

When he went to bed later that evening, he remained awake for many hours
pondering over those disturbing thoughts that went through his mind fleetingly, like water that churned violently in a turbulent sea. He thought of Oloisudori's impending visit and his intended marriage to Resian. He knew the success of failure of the event would determine the fate of his business. Even his continued ownership of that house where he and his family lived, depended on the outcomes of that event. Should Oloisudori fail to get Resian and recall the loan he had extended to him to buy that house, he was done. And knowing Oloisudori, he could very easily draw the rug from beneath his feet, leaving him vulnerable to all kinds of vagaries. And the thoughts gave him anxious moments.

At dawn when sleep overtook him, Ole Kaelo had a pleasant dream. Resian had
consented to Oloisudori's proposal. After Oloisudori reported that to him, he was
greatly pleased and relieved. His wife was rapturous. Although they were astonished at the turn of events, they were relieved to know that they would not have to live with the guilt of having forced their daughter to get married. What a wise child his once hardheaded daughter had turned to be after all! And how devious! After all those years
of sullenness, awkwardness and tactlessness, she had finally brought relief to their life and ushered in a period of peace and tranquility. But then, it was just that. A dream!

1. Place the excerpt in its immediate context. (4Mks)

2. Discuss three major issues in this excerpt. (6Mks)

3. Discuss two character traits of Ole Kaelo in this excerpt. (4Mks)

4. "And the thoughts gave him anxious moments" Add a question tag. (1Mk)

5. Discuss any three aspects of style in this excerpt. (6Mks)

6. Explain the meaning of the following expressions from the excerpt. (4Mks)
(i). Gnaw
(ii). Pondering
(iii). Impending visit
(iv). He was done.

2. Read the following excerpt and answer the questions that follow.

Her dream was rudely and violently interrupted by a thunderous bang and a loud roar of laughter. She woke up with a start, jumped up to her feet and stared at the door with wide panic-stricken eyes. For a moment she could not figure out her surroundings and called out the name of her sister Taiyo. She was terrified. The door flung open and Olarinkoi staggered in. He was stone drunk. Resian stared at him unblinkingly as he walked towards her and she backed off terrified, squeezing herself flatly against the wall. He followed her there and got hold of her shoulders and shook her violently glaring at her with his glittering eyes.

"You silly thing," he thundered angrily. "I tell you to prepare food and you refuse
to do so, eh? Today you will know who is the owner of this home. If you are still in doubt, let me tell you frankly that from today on you are my wife, hear that, eh? You are my wife.
For a long time you have been sneering at me, showing how highly educated you are. Today we shall see how educated your body is! Yes, we shall see!''
He got hold of her hand and began dragging her into the other room. At first she
did not understand his intention until he began unfastening her buttons with his rough trembling hands. Then the truth came, and with it, terror and panic. She tried to get away from him, but he held her effortlessly as he brutally continued fumbling with her dress, trying to loosen it. She screamed as loudly as she could while she pushed him away and thrashed frantically about. But that did not deter him and he totally ignored her screams holding her more firmly with his strong arms. Against her loud protest, he tore her garments and began to push her towards the bed.

Then desperately she took the last chance of self defense and self-preservation.
Mustering all her strength, she thrust his thumb into her mouth; sunk her teeth into the flesh like a ferocious animal and tenaciously held onto it, tugging at it fiercely like a lioness. She could feel the flesh tearing and she tasted the salt of his blood as it filled her mouth but she clung unto the thumb as Olarinkoi howled with pain.

1. Make notes on the contents of Resian's dream. (4Mks)

2. Discuss one character traits of Resian in this excerpt. (2Mks)

3. What has greatly changed in Olarinkoi in this excerpt compared to his
earlier conduct in the novel? (3Mks)

4. Identify and illustrate two aspects of style in this excerpt. (4Mks)

5. Explain two major issues raised in the excerpt. (4Mks)

6. Explain what happens immediately after the excerpt. (3Mks)

7. "Today we shall see how educated your body is" Rewrite in reported
speech. (1Mk)

8. Explain the meaning of the following expressions in the passage. (4 Mks)
(i). Unblinkingly
(ii). Effortlessly
(iii). Mustering
(iv). Howled

3. Read the excerpt below and answer the questions that follow

"Nothing is wrong with me," Resian retorted furiously. And pointing at the living room, with her figure, she fiercely charged," I have no quarrel with my father for whom, I have tremendous respect. It is the likes of Olarinkoi I am mad at, and all those other males who come here ordering us to do that or the other for them, simply because they are males. When women visit us, they give us the leeway to respond to their requests. But as we burn our fingers here Mr.Olarinkoi is dozing off comfortably in our living room waiting for his lunch and possibly a little angry and impatient with us for delaying it.'
"It is enough," cried Yeiyo – Botorr viciously. She instantly abandoned the peeling of potatoes and threw the knife into the pail that held the peeled potatoes. Supporting herself by holding onto a nearby wall, she painfully lifted a large, heavy body. "My enkaini, I agree with you that something is wrong with our child, and I think I know what ails her. Come along with me and I will tell you what I think ails her. "I am not sick... "

Resian was saying that when she was cut short by Taiyo." Even if you are not sick, you cannot argue with Yeiyo Botorr," Taiyo told her sternly as soon as they were out of earshot of their mother and Yeiyo Botorr,"there are things one has to learn on their own.One of them is that you cannot antagonize the older people by arguing with them,however, untenable their argument may be. That goes without saying, my dear little sister."

1. What happens before this extract? (3mks)

2. Comment on any two stylistic devices used in the extract. (4mks)

3. Explain any issue brought about in this extract. (3mks)

4. What is the character of Yeiyoo Botorr from this extract? (4mks)

5. From elsewhere in this text how does Olarinkoi contribute to the plot development of the novel?(3mks)

6. Re-write and add a question tag. (1mks)
Nothing is wrong with me.

7. Write the meaning of the following vocabulary. (4mks)
a) Sternly
b) Antagonize
c) Retorted
d) Leeway

8. What happens immediately after this extract? (3mks)

4. Read the following excerpt and answer the questions that follow
At seven o'clock in the evening after the lights had been put on, and the traditional esuguroi drink had been served in generous measures, tongues loosened and hearts
gladdened. Soon after, the party gathered momentum and voices rose. Within no time, one could hardly be heard over the hubbub of talk and laughter. And as the pleasurable and lively celebration progressed, voices became animated; hands and arms gesticulated vigorously while heads turned more often. Eyes searched out
acquaintances within the throng of revelers. And it was all pomp and gaiety as ivory adorned and bejeweled fingers fluttered; bare shoulders gleamed in the light multicoloured bead ornaments glittered upon elaborately bedecked necks: pendulous ilmiintoni of all colours dangled loosely down extended earlobes: and the bright colours of lesos, kangas, red shukas and multicoloured blankets, all turned the Ole Kaelo living room into a kaleidoscope of shifting light and colour.

1. Place this extract in its immediate context. (4mks)

2. State and explain two thematic concerns in this context. (4mks)

3. What is the significance of the use of words like esuguroi, ilmiintoni, lesos, kangas,and shukas? (3mks)

4. Identify and explain two character traits of ole Kaelo.  (4mks)

5. Eyes searched out acquaintances within the throng of revelers. Rewrite to form a question (1mk)

6. Which other party has an equal weight from the rest of the novel. What is its
significance? (3mks)

7. Comment on the prevalent mood in the context. (2mks)

8. Explain the meaning of the following words: (4mks)
a) Hubbub
b) Gesticulated
c) Gaiety
d) Dangled


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