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Blossoms Of The Savanna:

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This study guide provides a detailed analysis of the novel Blossoms of the Savannah. The analysis is aimed at preparing KCSE candidates for both the excerpt and the compulsory essay question in paper two and three respectively.

This guide is written in a manner that both the candidates and teachers will immensely benefit from it. This has been achieved through the presentation of a succinct synopsis, detailed chapter summaries, as well as deeply analyzed characters, themes and stylistic devices.

At the end of each of these sections, there are sample essay questions to guide students in revising and preparing for both the internal and national exams. There are also general essay questions, sample and practice excerpts, all meant to prepare students for KCSE English paper two and three.

This guide might not have exhaustively analyzed the novel, Blossoms of the Savannah. Therefore, students are advised to consult other authorities such as their teachers in order to enrich what is contained in this guide.

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