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Characters and Characterisation

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Uncle Simiren Kaelo

He is the younger brother to Kaelo, uncle to Taiyo and Resian and brother in-law to Mama Milanoi.


For thirty years, Parsimei Ole Kaelo has been away and during this time Simiren has acted as the head of the Kaelo family (p.11). "He ran all kinds of errands for his brother" (p.12). He purchases livestock for him (p.12). He also sells cattle for him (p.12). He participates in the construction of Kaelo's two buildings (p.12). He always passes any critical information to him and keeps him updated on what is happening in Nasila. An apt example is when elders show displeasure in his monogamous state (p.13).


"There had never been any rivalry between him and his brother ever since they were young" (p.12). He has always accepted his position to be subordinate (p. 12). Even when he has four wives and sixteen children while his brother has only one wife and two children he remains humble (p.12). When Ole Kaelo returns to Nasila, he humbly expects that Kaelo will take up his role as the eldest brother (p.12) When Kaelo gets enraged after he(Simiren) relays elders' concerns to him(Kaelo) on their stand on polygamy, he does not argue with his brother (p.13).


He jovially welcomes the Kaelo's; his brother's family, back home from Nakuru where they have stayed for around thirty years.


He represents his brother during ritual and practices such as girls' initiation, boys' circumcision etc. (p.11, 12).

The novelist uses Simiren to show the positive aspects of the Maa culture. Humility, generosity, responsibility and hospitality are emphasized. He makes it possible for Kaelo to have a smooth transition to Nasila before and during the migration.

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