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Characters and Characterisation

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She is the old woman who takes care of Resian after she regains her consciousness after the rape ordeal done by Olarinkoi.


She encourages and cares for Resian until she regains her health (p.225). She promises to give Resian account of what transpired when she lost her memory (p.231). She is the enkabaani who informs Resian of great secrets and even the prophecy (p.232). She saves the life of Resian. (p.236). She also becomes her confidant (p.237) so that the two share a great deal.


She travels a long distance in a rough terrain at night to search for a lorry to ferry Resian to the ranch (p.253).

Independent minded

She thinks it is none of enkoiboni's business to want to circumcise Resian while her parents were still alive (p.238). Her role is vital in showing the possibility of a female helping a fellow female in overcoming challenges of FGM. The author uses her to develop dialogue as a major stylistic device in the novel.

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