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Characters and Characterisation

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Olarinkoi's Mother

She is the old woman prophetess/enkoiboni.


She looks like a witch and has ill motives (p.227). She has a single, red rimmed eye that resembled a monster which is partly stone and partly human (p.227).


She shows mockery and disregard to Resian. She abuses her for biting her son's thumb. She calls her names for being uncircumcised. She says Resian is not yet a woman because she is not circumcised (p.228). She shamelessly uncovers Resian's stomach to check whether she is pregnant (p.235).


She remarks sarcastically, "We have been trying to feed you from your bed with a silver spoon." This is not true for Resian was always treated roughly by the witch. (p.228). She laughs sarcastically. She mocks her for her father has money (p.228).


She has contempt for the rich corrupt people in the society (p.236). She feels political leaders and wealthy people in the country are responsible for the unequal distribution of resources.

In the novel, she represents women who are responsible for being stumbling blocks to their fellow women in the society. She is used by the writer to bring out the theme of women as enemies of themselves.

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