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Characters and Characterisation

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He is the young Maasai man who stays at Kaelo's home. He is a suspicious character and through him the novelist employs suspense.


He intrudes into the affairs of the girls while in the house of Ole Kaelo (p.74). He is not known by the Kaelo's yet he keeps coming to Kaelo's house.


He directs his attention to the girl's parents and not the girls (p.75). While escaping with Resian, they travel for a very long distance in silence (p.127).


He is always dozing off at the sitting room or idling somewhere else (p.77). He does not bathe and stinks terribly (p.240).


He occasionally brings bundles of food to Kaelo's (P.79). He knows the prophesy which states that he should marry Resian and keeps quiet about it as he waits for the opportune time. Protective

He protects Resian from committing suicide after her father beats her and denies her a chance to go for University studies (p.210). He rescues the girls from molestation by two young men.


Joseph says Olarinkoi is a mystery (p.80) and only four men know about him. But the four always contradict in their facts about him (p.81).For example one says that he comes from Polonga, 200 kilometers from Nasila (p.80).


He uses caustic language (p.211). He uses very abusive language on Resian even after she is emotionally unstable (p.217). He calls Nabaru a filthy woman for escaping with Resian (p.249).


On the day he abducts Resian, he goes drinking and comes late in the night kicking the door roughly (p.221).


He rapes Resian while drunk (p.221). He promises to do something nasty to Nabaru in case she returns after taking Resian to the ranch. (p.249). He strongly believes that Nabaru and Resian will be followed by a curse (p.249).

Olarinkoi is important as far as suspense is concerned. The author uses him to create suspense. He is used in the development of F.G.M as a theme as well as exploring the theme of violence.

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