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Characters and Characterisation

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Old Ole Musanka

He is the old man who leads in blessing ceremony of Kaelo's during the homecoming ceremony.


He leads in blessings of the religious section of the Kaelo's homecoming function (p.51). He blesses Taiyo and prophetically says she will be a mother of the next leader of Nasila (p.52).


He uses proverbs in his conversations. He describes Kaelo as a tiny strand of hair that had been blown to show the insignificance of Kaelo compared to Maa culture (p.51).   He interprets Maa culture to the crowd (p.52). "Home is Maa, Home is Nasila, home is family and home is children" (p.52).


He warns Taiyo and Resian not to follow the teachings of Emakererei. He curses Emakererei the wasp, "may she go down with the setting sun!" (p.52).Ole Musanka is an important character in reinforcing the theme of religion as well as culture. His age and position as an elder as well as a prophet make him stand a better position in religion and culture. He also signals future and hope in Taiyo through his prophecy.


He advises Maa elders to cut loose the strings of alien culture from Ole Kaelo (p.52).

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