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Form 1 videos

Introduction to Biology (25 mbs)

Active Transport (6 mbs)

Autotrophism (3 mbs)

Zoology (32 mbs)

Botany (10 mbs)

Setting up a bait trap (17 mbs)

Binomial Nomeclature (4 mbs)

Measuring cell size (13 mbs)

Cell specialisation (12 mbs)

Cell Membrane (21 mbs)

Cell Structures (29 mbs)

Cell transport (8 mbs)

Chemicals of Life (15 mbs)

Chemosynthesis (8 mbs)

Investigating chlorophyl in plants (2 mbs)

Investigating carbon iv oxide in plants (10 mbs)

Cytoplasm (6 mbs)

Dental carries (10 mbs)

Dental Formula (5 mbs)

Dentition (21 mbs)

Digestion (22 mbs)

Dissacharides (17 mbs)

Electron microscope (3 mbs)

Enzymes (5 mbs)

How enzymes are denatured (13 mbs)

Using forceps (352 kbs)

Gingivitis (4 mbs)

Heterotrophic nutrition (5 mbs)

History of classification (3 mbs)

Holozoic nutrition (4 mbs)

Kingdom Animalia (5 mbs)

Kingdom Fungi (6 mbs)

Kingdom monera (2 mbs)

Kingdom plantae (3 mbs)

Kingdom protista (5 mbs)

Leaf structure (6 mbs)

Investigating light in photosynthesis (13 mbs)

Lipids (24 mbs)

Monosaccharides (23 mbs)

Nutrition (6 mbs)

Organ sytem (27 mbs)

Osmometer (4 mbs)

Osmosis (14 mbs)

Investigating oxygen in photosynthesis (4 mbs)

Parts of a microscope (8 mbs)

Photosynthesis(7 mbs)

Pitfall trap (22 mbs)

Plant tissues (26 mbs)

Proteins (30 mbs)

Using a pooter (14 mbs)

The Cell (42 mbs)

Visking tubing (7 mbs)


Absorption of mineral salts (6 mbs)

Allergy (3 mbs)

Root Anatomy (15 mbs)

Atherosclerosis (9 mbs)

Blood clotting (6 mbs)

Blood types (16 mbs)

Deep Vein Thrombosis (2 mbs)

High Blood Pressure (23 mbs)

High vaccines work (8 mbs)

Transport in plants (16 mbs)

Components of blood (4 mbs)

Heart and circulatory system (5 mbs)

Immune systems (5 mbs)

Transpiration (8 mbs)

Transpiration in Unicellular organisms (1 mb)

Treatment of varicose veins (1 mb)

Respiration in amoeba (2 mbs)

Insect respiratory system (3 mbs)

Asthma (11 mbs)

Fish breathing (2 mbs)

Gaseous exchange in plants (6 mbs)

Gaseous exchange in humans (3 mbs)

Opening and closing of stomata (2 mbs)

Pneumonia (20 mbs)

Gaseous exchange in amphibians (5 mbs)

Opening and closing of the stomata (6 mbs)

Tuberculosis (6 mbs)

Bronchitis (9 mbs)

Excretion in plants (3 mbs)

Structure and functions of the skin(11 mbs)

Structure and function of the liver (10 mbs)

Structure and functions of the kidney (6 mbs)

Eplaining Homeostasis (8 mbs)

Explaining Diabetes (12 mbs)


Introduction to Ecology (8 mbs)

Air Pollution (8 mbs)

Desert Adaptations (6 mbs)

Energy flow in ecosystem (4 mbs)

Food Chains , Food Webs , Energy Pyramid (13 mbs)

Capture recapture method (15 mbs)

How to do a line transect (25 mbs)

Hydrophytes (13 mbs)

Interspecific and Intraspecific Competition (20 mbs)

Nitrogen Cycle (11 mbs)

Quadrat sampling and population dispersion (8 mbs)

Soil pollution (8 mbs)

Symbiosis (3 mbs)

Water pollution (6 mbs)

Binary fission in bacteria (2 mbs)

Budding in hydra (3 mbs)

Female reproductive system (6 mbs)

fertilization in humans (20 mbs)

Fruit and seed dispersal (9 mbs)

Meiosis (16 mbs)

Metamorphosis (5 mbs)

Mitosis (15 mbs)

Ovulation (10 mbs)

Plant growth hormones (8 mbs)

Sexually transmitted diseases (25 mbs)

Male reproductive system (12 mbs)

Types of pollination (11 mbs)

Structure of a chromosome (12 mbs)

FORM 4 videos

Introduction to Genetics (14 mbs)

Alleles and Genes (10 mbs)

DNA transcription and translation (15 mbs)

DNA, Chromosomes, Genes, and Traits (11 mbs)

How Mendel's pea plants helped us understand genetics (4 mbs)

How to Draw a Punnett Square (12 mbs)

Mutations (10 mbs)

What is DNA and How Does it Work (13 mbs)

Incredible Animation Shows How Humans Evolved From Early Life (18 mbs)

What is the Evidence for Evolution (24 mbs)

Auxins (4 mbs)

Structure of human ear (7 mbs)

Structure and function of human neurone (13 mbs)

Structure of human eye (12 mbs)

The nervous system (27 mbs)


Aerobic experiment (6 mbs)

Internal Organs of the Rabbit (23 mbs)

Biuret Test for Protein (2 mbs)

Bony Fish (Perch) Anatomy (25 mbs)

Epigel Seed Germination Animation (1.74 mbs)

How to test for vitamin C(7 mbs)

Test for reducing sugars (4 mbs)

Test for non reducing sugars (7 mbs)

Test for starch in a leaf (9 mbs)

Diffusion using pottasium permanganate (11 mbs)

Flower Structure and its Parts (9 mbs)

Hypogeal Seed Germination (2 mbs)

Making a dichotomous key (8 mbs)

Mammalian heart dissection (35 mbs)

To Demonstrate Anaerobic Reaction By Yeast (3 mbs)

Breaking seed dormancy (20 mbs)

The 6 Types of Joints(2 mbs)

Types Of Bones In The Human Body (2 mbs)

Types of Fruits (18 mbs)

Investigating chlorophyl in plants (2 mbs)

Investigating carbon iv oxide in plants (10 mbs)

Investigating light in photosynthesis (13 mbs)

Investigating oxygen in photosynthesis (4 mbs)